Hitachi Server Parts

Hitachi Server

Hitachi Data Systems HDD's and SSD's

Hitachi HArd Disk and SOlid State Drives
Part No. Description
3276139-E Hitachi 3TB SATA 7.2K DF-F800-AVE3K 3.5" for AMS
5560694-A HDS 1.8TB 10K rpm LFF Disk Drive
DF-F800-AVE3K Hitachi 3TB SATA 7.2K DF-F800-AVE3K 3.5" for AMS
DKC-F710I-2R0H3M HDS VSP 2tb 7.2k 3.5 inch HDD
DKC-F710I-400MCM HDS VSP 400gb SSD 2.5 inch
5541908-A0 HDS VSP 400gb SSD 2.5 inch
DKC-F710I-200 HDS VSP 200gb SSD 2.5 inch

Hitachi Data Systems Memory Modules and Adapters

Hitachi Memory Modules and Adapters
Part No. Description
3276125-J HDS AMS Cache RAM 4GB
3285126-A HDS HUS Cache Memory 8Gb
5541832-A HDS VSP Cache Flash Memory Module
5541842-A HDS VSP Cache Memory (C16G)
5541843-A HDS VSP Cache Memory Module (8gb)
5541843-B HDS VSP Cache Memory module (8gb) RoHs
DF-F850-8GB HDS HUS Cache Memory 8Gb
DKC-F710I-BM128 HDS VSP Cache Flash Memory Module (set of 2x 64gb)
5541840-A HDS VSP CPC Cache Memory Adapter

Hitachi Data Systems Power Supply Units

Part No. Description
3276081-A HDS AMS2XXX PSU for DAE
3276255-A HDS AMS2500 PSU
3285165-A HDS HUS Power Unit for CBL
3286548-A HDS VSP PSU

Hitachi Data Systems Controllers

Part No. Description
3276159-A HDS AMS2XXX DAE control unit
3282249-A HDS AMS2500 controller with 2 x 3282085-A
DKC710I HDS VSP Controller Base
DF850-CBLD HUS 150 Controller Box
DKC710I-CBXH HDS VSP 2nd Controller Chassis

Hitachi Data Systems Disk Arrays

Part No. Description
5541851-A HDS VSP Disk Array Board
DF-F800-RKAK HDS AMS2XXX Disk Array Enclosure
5541852-A HDS VSP Disk Controller DKA Assembly

Hitachi Data Systems Drive Box

Part No. Description
3285140-A HDS HUS Drive Box (Frame)
DF-F850-DBS HDS HUS Drive Box (Frame)
DKC-F710I-SBX HDS VSP 2.5" Drive Chassis

Hitachi Data Systems Fan Assy

Part No. Description
5541819-A HDS VSP fan assembly (60SQ)
5541820-A HDS VSP fan assembly (80SQ)
3285131-A HDS HUS Fan Module

Hitachi Data Systems I/O Modules

Part No. Description
3285153-A HDS HUS Host I/O Module (FC 8G)
3285154-A HDS HUS Drive I/O Module
3285196-A HDS HUS I/O Module for DBS (ENC)
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