Part Condition & Warranty

Factory sealed

Warranty: Full manufacturer warranty.
Perfect condition, never used. With logo/seal from manufacturer. Cisco midrange and SMB warranty limited up to 12 months.

New Open Box

Warranty: Full manufacturer warranty
Never been used. The only difference between the “Factory sealed” and “New Open Box” is that the outside factory seal has been broken. 
Can have been opened by Nextgen Distribution for quality check at the warehouse, cancelled orders or returned. However, the inside contents are complete new products. 
Cisco midrange and SMB only limited up to 12 months.

Warranty: Nextgen Distribution warranty 1 year
Item looks and functions as if it were new, but might have light marks or scratches. Accessories, manuals, cables and software may not be included with the item. Product can be taken from used machines and has not been tested.

Warranty: Nextgen Distribution warranty 1 year & manufacturer warranty.
"Refurbished" has been tested for functionality, data erased and otherwise repaired by the supplier.
"Refurbished" products may come with minor blemishes. They may be packaged and shipped in non-retail boxes. Some non-basic components (e.g cables, manuals, accessories) might be missing. 
Cisco midrange and SMB 12 months warranty.

Warranty: Nextgen Distribution warranty 1 year. 
Perfect condition, never used. Packed in antistatic bag and brown box (no original box) by Nextgen Distribution.

Warranty: Full manufacturer warranty.
HP only. Products are often new from cancelled orders or returned from distribution. All are tested by HP.
New Pulls

Warranty: Nextgen Distribution warranty 1 year
Parts are taken from new machines and repacked in antistatic bags and brown boxes by Nextgen Distribution. 
Damaged box

Warranty: Full manufacturer warranty.
A new item but with a minor damaged box.
Cisco midrange and SMB limited upto 12 months.
EXCESS / Wholesale

Warranty: Nextgen Distribution warranty upto 1 year.
Cisco only. All units comes in original Cisco boxes with accessories, all EU/EEA serial, product can have been used, but fully tested.
F/S spare

Warranty: Full manufacturer warranty.
Same as "Factory sealed" bought under the Spare Part number. With logo/seal from manufacturer.
IBM Certified Reutilized parts comes under this category, with full manufacturer warranty.